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Intel Pentium 3 700 @ 980MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Global Win FKP-32
Asus CUSL2 rev 1.02 w/1002 BIOS (provided by AD of K)
Mushkin 128MB CAS2 PC133 (256MB total)
Hard Drive
IBM 15.3GB 75GXP 7200 RPM ATA100


Plextor 12-04-32 SCSI CD-RW
Sound Card
SB Live! Value
Video Cards
Onboard AGP i815 Video, 64MB Texture memory
InWin S500 w/PowerMan 300W Supply

It should be noted that the excellent S500 ATX case was used for testing. What's so exciting about this arrangement isn't necessarily the super mid tower arrangement with a horizontally mounted power supply, but its fantastic air flow characteristics. Without the aid of any other case fans, the S500 manages to hold the inside temperature at the ambient outside temperature. The motherboard temp isn't all that far behind as without the XT, it's only a paltry 9ºF higher than the ambient outside air temp.

CPU Temp
MB Temp
Case Temp
w/o XT
with XT

There's nothing like real world benchmarks to add fuel to the fire. In the XT's case, the fire burns in favor of overall temperature reduction. Even with the GW 4500 RPM CPU screamer in place, The Card Cooler reduced the CPU temp by a solid 2ºF. The MB temp was also lessened by a large 9ºF drop. To hear the beautiful noise The Cooler makes click here for an MP3 treat. Since the case already has the best airflow characteristics ever measured at TargetPC, I really didn't expect any further reduction. When ambient and interior case temps match, that's as good as it gets.


It appears that lately, I either receive fantastic products that are worthy of more than faint praise or I get real bombs. Those are items that should not be marketed at all or are in desperate need of some heavy re-engineering. I'm happy to announce that the Card Cooler XT falls into the former category.

If your requirements demand 100CFM+ of airflow or you just want to keep your servers cool as a cucumber, the XT is by far the best choice. While not obnoxiously loud, they are moderately quiet considering the enormous 138CFM total output. Add that to the minuscule 4.8 Watt power draw and the reasonable price and you have a winning formula.

William Yaple


Web Target PC


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