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With the recent adoption of USB2 and internal CD writers hitting 16X, the 4x4x6 LaCie unit starts to look a little rusty. But, working within the constraints of today's technology, LaCie has done an excellent job with their 4x4x6 unit. Performance is very good for a USB 1.1 drive, meeting and exceeding the specifications in all cases. We experienced no difficulties with the drive; this has been one of the most useful and trouble-free pieces of hardware we have tested in a long time. Available for around $239USD, this drive is very well suited to those who need a reliable, portable CD writer and don't want to wait for the next generation of drives. Most people will want to wait for the next generation of drives where we expect speeds to match those of internal CD writers, but for the roaming office, the LaCie drive is a definite buy. Overall, 7 out of 10. Speeds are slightly lacking, but that's related to USB constraints. Works quite well, gets the job done, and is extremely handy. A high quality product with a 5 year warrenty to back it up.

Andrew Oliver
December 22, 2000


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