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Audio Tests

CD ripping, or the ability to convert cd audio tracks to wav files is very important to audio engineers and hobbyists alike. It allows you to create custom CDís or make multiple copies of personal work. If you are lucky enough to have a writer that can crank out copies at 8X or greater, youíll need a CD-ROM that can extract the audio from the source disc at an even faster rate.

The first test was with a generic overburned CD that exceeded 80 minutes. Being the data equivalent to over 700 MB, the Kenwood didnít really do any worse than any other drive Iíve tested. The single exception to that rule is the Plextor 40X and the unpublished Speed Down Disable program. Otherwise, all other drives Iíve tested with 74 minute or greater audio discs limit out to a maximum ripping rate of 24-28X. Notice the perfect "10" in the DAE quality. Even if the rip is slower than expected, itís still clean.















Even though I achieved great results using an audio disc of about 68 minutes, this high-speed result holds with CDís up to 71 minutes. Audio CDís much longer than this will read at the slower (above) rate. At an average transfer rate of over 43X, the test disc could be transformed to wav files in less than 95 seconds! Amazing!















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