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Front Cover
Rear Cover

I took some extra pictures. I always worry about cases with unusual colors and getting the peripherals to match up. The floppy is hidden behind the 3.5" bay with the pre-molded front. A standard floppy drive will have no problems working well behind this cover. Just to see what would happen I took a floppy from an OEM computer which has a very long eject button. It took quite a bit of work to try and line it up correctly but eventually I got it. Trimming that button back about 1/4" would save a lot of headaches. I have to say I was quite amazed how well a grey CD-ROM looked in this case. Luckily the color of this particular CD-ROM and the silver of the case complement each other very well.

$159 is a pretty good price for this case to come in at. Keep in mind that Hansan is giving you an interesting looking case that is also functional. They throw in the two 80 mm fans and that great power supply too. Granted, there are quite a few less expensive cases on the market, but I like this trend in interesting cases. Another completely different thing to consider is that Hansan is doing a very good job of finding new and interesting designs to bring to market without sacrificing quality or usefulness. I wish I could say that about some of the other attractive cases on the market.

So lets tally up the score. Start with a nice looking case. Add a great framework to build a system from. Correct a few imperfections with the previous Audi case such as including cut outs to allow the frame to be easily lifted and a stronger assembly but keep the best features of the Audi such as the latching mechanism. That pretty much sums it up. The Audi was very mechanical looking in its design while the Space K-1 has more flow and sleekness in its shell. I wouldn't steer anybody away from the Audi but I do think that someone who is seriously considering one of these two cases would be better off picking up the Space K-1.

Victor Oshiro 10 June, 2001


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