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Different Home Theater standards

The Dolby Pro Logic surround mode has been around in many homes for over 4 years now, the technology it self has been available since the early 90's. The Pro Logic mode is achieved thorough an analog signal using your stereo VCR, TV set, DVD or any other audio equipment featuring the stereo technology. The Pro Logic Mode uses four encoded channels to reproduce the special effects as real as possible. The front left and front right channels provide a normal stereo output. The center channel is the most used in the operation as itís the one keeping the dialogue and other effects firmly placed at the center of the screen and the fourth channel is the surround speakers. The surround channel is mono, this means both surround speaker produce the same effects.

A newer and improved Home Theater standard has appeared to the big public around the end of 1998, the format it self has been introduced in early 1996. This newer standard is called Dolby Digital (AC-3). This is currently the latest development in surround sound. Dolby Digital is achieved through digital technology to provide full frequency range channels for the effects. Because of this, every surround speaker will be operating on its own and outputting different effects to create an even more real theater experience. Dolby Digital enables precise location of spatial audio effects, while an extra Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel provides spectacular explosions effects. Dolby Digital features six encoded channels. As this mode requires a digital connection, DVD players, digital TV sets and PCís featuring digital outputs are the ones who can fully enjoy it.

Another popular home theater standard is DTS (Digital Theater Systems). The DTS Standard is better known for its superior audio encoding when compared with Dolby Digital. Like Dolby Digital, DTS uses six channels to reproduce the sound. What differs DTS from Dolby Digital is the way DTS stores audio on a disc (DVD). This standard uses less audio compression, resulting in richer and wider effects that is comparable to the original cinema soundtrack.


We already reviewed two videologic audio setupís earlier this year. Working with their products has always been a pleasure; unlike with other speaker sets that were reviewed at Target PC offering inferior quality for higher price tags. Priced around 600$ USD, the DigiTheatre DTS system easily enters in one of the most affordable high-end DTS/AC3 All in one home theater systems line on the market. The DigiTheatre DTS kit is really that something that adds another dimension to your movies. We already said it, and will repeat it again, Videologic makes one of the best speaker systems in the industry, and their DTS set is without doubts another quality product that surpasses its competition.



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