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Loudness & Miscellaneous Measurements

Using a 100Hz tone and various music selections, a total maximum output with the sub placed at the intersection of two walls measured 110dB SPL at 0.5m. The satellites squawked out 93dB SPL each at 1KHz under the similar conditions before clipping (3% THD). The total usable output from the entire system is 110dB.

Input sensitivity, the amount of output from your soundcard needed to drive the 5.1's to full boom levels wasn't rated, but here's where I had to scratch my head again. Some engineer must have been asleep at the controls because the input controls were improperly designed . No matter where the volume control was set, at an input level of greater than 650mV, the output distorted. Now this situation will not rear it head for computer soundcards, however; hooking the inputs directly to a CD player and some reference quality VCR's will prove aggravating indeed. You read that right. When I hooked up my 4-Head editing Sony VHS deck to the 5.1's, I heard heavy amounts of input related distortion due to improper engineering. I had to run my VCR's outputs to a DAT player and reduce them in order to eliminate input related distortion.

Signal to noise, or the amount of hiss heard could have been improved as well. Measuring only a moderately good 68.0 dBC, hiss could be easily heard at volume levels above 90dB SPL.

Lastly, the crossover frequency, the frequency at which the sub stops producing sound and the satellites start measured a nominal 150Hz.





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