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Loudness & Miscellaneous Measurements

Using a 100Hz tone and various music selections, a total maximum output with the sub placed at the intersection of two walls measured 102dB SPL at 0.5m. The satellites squawked out 98dB SPL at 1KHz under the similar conditions before clipping (3% THD). The total usable output from the entire system is 103dB.

Signal to noise, or the amount of hiss heard was the highest (meaning best) ever measured at TargetPC. Weighing in at 90.6dBC relative to full output, these units were dead quiet, even with no input.

Input impedance wasn't measured to to an DC input blocking capcitor. Yes, I have gear to bypass that but I did notice that no loading took place even with a 1kHz source, so the AMR90's input stage won't load most sound cards anyway, which is the point of checking the input Z in the first place.

The woofer port center frequency measured 66Hz, which was a reasonable choice for the 4" driver. This sub unit will have significant output to just under 58Hz, but then dies rather quickly due to the previously mentioned high Q.

Lastly, the crossover frequency, the frequency at which the sub stops producing sound and the satellites start measured a nominal 170Hz.


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