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Loudness & Miscellaneous Measurements

Using a 100Hz tone and various music selections, the maximum output of the sub placed at the intersection of two walls measured 103dB SPL at 0.5m. The two satellites pumped out 102dB SPL at 1KHz under the similar conditions before clipping (3% THD). The total usable output from the entire system is 101dB. The drop is due to the weak power supply.

Input sensitivity, the amount of output from your soundcard needed to drive the 7500's to full boom levels was rated at a typical 300mV and measured a reasonable 336mV. Using an SBLive!, which cranks out a whopping 475mV to four channels, I was able to easily distort the satellites.

Signal to noise, or the amount of hiss heard was the highest (meaning best) ever measured at TargetPC. Weighing in at 91.6dBC relative to full output, hiss was not heard even when placing the 2.5" driver directly against my ear with the volume all the way up. Great job MidiLand!

Input impedance measurements tell whether the speakers will effectively "load down" the soundcard and possibly cause extraneous distortion. The left channel measured a whoppingly good 49.2KOhms and the right channel measured an equally good 51.6KOhms. No sound card worthy of the 3050M's will feel any loading effects.

The woofer port center frequency measurement raised an eyebrow. Having a double hump curve, the port peaked at 60Hz and 100Hz. While not completely unheard of, this was unusual and MidiLand effectively utilized its benefits.

Lastly, the crossover frequency, the frequency at which the sub stops producing sound and the satellites start measured 175Hz for the sub in the 2-wall environment. The satellite crossover frequency was a bit complicated. Technically measuring -3dB at 265Hz, its curve extended smoothly much lower and will mesh fairly well with the sub's frequency when the entire system is placed near the walls.


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