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the DigiTheatre performed quite well in our sound tests and should satisfy the majority looking for a quality sound system.

Judging by its exterior design, Some improvements could have been done. Our first consideration for the DigiTheatre would be adding wall mount support for the front and center speakers, as most wonít be planning to spend extra money on stands.

The second consideration would definitely have to be on improving the remote control. Itís little size and weak IR transmission wonít fulfill its job in big rooms, It should still be enough for people using the system in little living rooms.

The DigiTheatre remains an interesting 5.1 solution, especially for people seeking an AC-3 setup without having to break their bank accounts. It should definitely satisfy the masses looking for a companion for their DVD player. AC-3 encoded movies lead to an experience that is much different than what most us are used too. Bullets will be flying in the back and explosions will sound amazingly real.

The DigiTheatre is VideoLogicís average home theater setup; their newest addition is the DigiTheatre DTS. The new DTS kit is priced somewhat higher. However, from its specifications should perform better in most scenes. It uses the same quality satellites as in VideoLogicís Sirocco Crossfire 4.1 solution, and has a total output of 175W. We will try to work with this setup in the weeks to come. In the meantime, we definitely wouldnít have a problem recommending the Digitheatre.

Oleg Mitskaniouk



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