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One of the conveniences I like about the early memory-based MP3 players were their small size. Unfortunately this translated to limited storage capacity. The AVC Soul Player excels as an MP3 player is it allows you to take several hours of music with you. This is the unit I want with me next time I have to drive through several states. I was very impressed with its useful remote, large LCD display, and easy to use system for scrolling through files. On top of all that the unit doubles as a standard CD player, and even supports Microsoft's WMA file standard. WMA isn't important to me but if your favorite songs can only be had that way then it becomes a very useful feature to incorporate into a player.

The only things that marred the unit were its odd skip-protection selector on the bottom of the unit, the lack of a clip on the unit itself, and the inverted silk-screening on the remote. All of these problems are very easy to fix and don't ruin the performance of the player. When I had the unit plugged into my car I put it on the floor so that the cable for the remote came up from the unit and the emblems were no longer upside down. I don't think that this is a good situation for the remote though as the larger buttons on the unit are easier to access than the controls on the remote when they are on the seat next to you. The one thing that the AVC Soul Player excels at is offering a large amount of features and several hours of music for only $129. Its flaws are very minute when you take into consideration the large amount of usefullness it represents. At such a reasonable price I think many of us will be walking around with several hours of MP3's with us.

Victor Oshiro December 22, 2001



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