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10.) Re-start the system. Goto the correct folder and type Setup. You should be amazed by the awful display. Setup uses 640x480 so it will look quite bad on the LCD display. Once you have the OS installed install your display driver and it will automatically goto the correct 800x600 with 16-bit color.

11.) In the System tab in the Control Panel you will find conflicts. Change the VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller to Primary Only. This will resolve the several devices with conflicts. Luckily Windows will install the correct drivers for the Yamaha sound from the get go.

12.) Even though Windows will setup the modem as a standard 56k modem I recommend you use the Actiontech drivers since these will allow higher speeds and will correctly report your connection speed when on the internet. The modem is plugged into a COM port on the motherboard so it is considered an external modem. The stock Win98 driver will report the COM port connection speed and not your actual connection speed on the internet. Use the call waiting modem drivers at that link. Do not use the V.90 Firmware Update! That update does not work with this modem and will make it stop working. Actiontech will not provide the correct firmware if you flash your modem and kill it.

13.) Setup any other software you will need. I recommend you install TweakUI from the Win98 CD and use the built in System Configuration Utility to stop all unnecessary programs from loading at bootup.

14.) Once you are sure everything is setup correctly you can mount the HD. This is your last chance to move this drive onto a normal PC to move files to make sure you have everything you need installed.

15.) I mounted the HD to the RF shield by screwing through a couple of the ventilation holes in the shield. I removed the stock heatsink and am using an old 586-heatsink/fan unit from a K6. I wired the power to the second COM port, which is to the right of the memory. Pin 9 and 10 is what you are looking for. Pin 10 is +. This only provides 5v so this makes my 12v fan spin more slowly which helps to keep its noise down. The CPU is cooler with this setup than the stock heatsink.

16.) I cut the RF shield and plastic rear case to allow the heatsink to pass through. I made my hole extra large so that in the future I can reach the clip that holds the heatsink and the bar for the CPU socket easily. This will facilitate changing out the CPU in the future without having to open the case.

17.) If you want to use a Y-splitter for a mouse open the keyboard. With the PCB board inside the keyboard to the upper left you will notice a small connector to the right edge of the PCB. Pry the red and gray wire on the top of the connector out. Now you can use your Y-splitter with a mouse. Curiously, the keyboard will connect to the mouse connector and the mouse to the keyboard connector of the Y-splitter. You can always reinsert those 2 wires should you decide to go back to the stock pointing device.

Post Modification Observations:

Once I had configured the system for speed I was quite impressed with just how well it runs Windows. It's obvious that the video chipset is very weak as even a Matrix screensaver drags the video down. While I had the unit open I corrected the out of phase sound that drove me crazy during the I-opener review. Simply pull the wires out of the connector that comes from one of the speakers and reverse them. I am using a Linksys 10 MBps USB Ethernet adapter to hook up to my cable modem network while at home and the 56K modem with a free ISP away from home. I have hit 52k and 53.33k connections so I am quite impressed with the modem that comes in the I-opener. If I have several different windows opened at once I have noticed quite a slow down. This unit is screaming for more memory. It uses laptop SODIMM memory and the max amount anyone has used successfully is 128 MB. There is an available Winchip2 processor that supports MMX and has a higher FPU that I am planning to try in the future.

Even after putting the sound in phase the sound is disappointing. I should have considered changing the speakers out while I had the unit open. You won't be able to enjoy MP3's with the stock speakers very much. The stock display is still very crisp. Even with the small heatsink/fan I'm currently using the CPU runs noticeably cooler than the huge stock heatsink.

Joe Kelly has built his Franken-Opener with a K6-2 400 MHz processor. I recommend you view his work for ideas. The original i-opener modification can be found at Ken Segler's linux-hacker site. Ken also runs the i-appliance BBS which has a wealth of information and is always being updated by users with their experiences.

Victor Oshiro

Web Target PC


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