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CPU Screenshot

Memory Screenshot

For comparison purposes, SiSoft Sandra shows the highest CPU results to date. They are even in the ballpark of the WT98 results. Notice the poor memory performance though. The VIA chipset is known to have about a 5-10% deficiency when compared to an equivalent 440BX based solution.

Memory Tweak Update

Without resorting to H-Oda's 4-way interleaving tweak(s), the SDRAM performance at lower FSB's can be significantly improved. It's the user's choice as what should be emphasized in their respective setups: total CPU speed, or memory speed. Here are two possible scenarios that SiSoft reveals.

Speed (MHz)
CPU (Integer)
CPU (Fl. Pt.)
Memory (CPU)
Memory (FPU)
2842 MIPS
261 MB/s
284 MB/s
2652 MIPS
312 MB/s
354 MB/s

If you can accept approximately a 7% reduction in CPU speed, you have the option of an overall average memory increase of 22%. This will make a significant difference when running memory intensive tasks but may not be so important when firing up your favorite 3D games.


If you seek a cost effective path to the magic 1GHz mark, look no further. Coupled with a high performance power supply of at least 300 watts, the Iwill/P3/Techworks combo is absolutely the cat's meow. This is the first MB of the Iwill brand I've tested and it's the most stable thing I've seen, even better than many Abit boards. This Combo 2000 garners a nearly perfect 9 out of 10 rating and easily nabs the TargetPC editor's choice award. Advanced Design of Kentucky has assembled a great conglomeration of parts that work very well together, beit for server or 3D gaming use.

William Yaple

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