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Comdex Parties organized by companies

The Digital Focus Party was held on Sunday night and was quite fun. Several Dozens of companies we're on the show floor showing off their latest products.

In this picture from upper left, Nigel Woodford (TheTechZone), Ryan Hoffman (CoolTronics), Carl Nelson (Hardcoreware), John Chow (TheTechZone), Lindsey Davis (TheTechZone) and at last Oleg Mitskaniouk (TargetPC).

Shot of the MobileFocus Party

Tyler Dickman (Cooltronics) and John Chow (TheTechZone) showing off their gifts at MobileFocus.

Oleg Mitskaniouk (Target PC), Nigel Woodford (TheTechZone) and Carl Nelson (Harcoreware) discussing Dell's X5 Pocket PC at their own Party that took place later Sunday.

Just like last year, the CDW was a very nice and relaxing event. Everybody from Cooltronics, TheTechZone, Hardcorware, Neoseeker and Target PC we're present.

The Cooltronics/TheTechZone Party was quite a fun event. Allot of representatives from companies such as Abit, Soyo and MadOnion we're present not to answer question but just take a drink and relax from work. Tyler Dickman and John Chow have done a great job on this little party, I'm looking forward for the next event in January 2003 at CES.

PC Mall party at Studio 54

The PC Mall party which took place at Studio 54 was just a blast. Everybody from Target PC, TheTechZone, Hardcoreware, Neoseeker and dozen of other sites and magazines we're on the show floor to party.

Pocket PC Party

The Pocket PC event was the last party for us. We met several familiar names in there which include Karen Thomas - President and CEO of Thomas Public Relations and David MacNeill - Executive Editor for Pen Computing Magazine. In this picture from lower left is David MacNeill - Executive Editor for Pen Computing, Karen Thomas - President and CEO of Thomas Public Relations, Oleg Mitskaniouk (Target PC), Lindsey Davis (TheTechZone), Carl Nelson (Hardcoreware) and John Chow (TheTechZone).


First I would like to point out this year Comdex was somewhat different from the past 2 years we we’re present there. The show was mostly dominated by major companies such as Samsung and Toshiba, the rest of the guys were not even to be seen on the floor. Most companies have been showing off their products in private hotel suites . In addition to the absence of several companies, attendance was dramatically down as well, I just can’t see Comdex to be what it was two or even one year ago.  While the air of this year’s event has changed, we still enjoyed our experience and it definitely gave us the opportunity to expand our horizons one step further. Will there be another Comdex next year? I don't know, but I sure hope it won't continue to fall.

Special thanks to Nigel Woodford for taking the time to sort out some of the Comdex pictures.

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Oleg Mitskaniouk

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